Analyze Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy Data

Effective management of any physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy facility requires making informed clinical, financial and administrative decisions everyday.

At Chart Links, we provide an easy-to-use business intelligence and decision support solution that is capable of rendering complex information into a simple-to-understand format.

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Business Intelligence for Outpatient Rehab

January 13, 2009 · Posted in Analytics · Comment 

To effectively manage an outpatient rehabilitation facility, you must make important clinical, financial and administrative decisions everyday.  How can you make the most “informed” decisions about your department or practice?  You can do it by culling and relating each important data element from your billing or therapy documentation software with a business intelligence solution.

While there are a variety of analytics or business intelligence solutions on the market that can work for outpatient rehab, it is advantageous to get one that does not require someone from IT To operate it.  You need one that is easy-to-use and capable of rendering complex information into a simple-to-understand format.  The solution should combine ad hoc analysis and reporting capabilities to allow for presentation services, graphing, and everything else needed to analyze practice trends, develop universal metrics, measure long-term changes, and gather operational decision-support data.

If you find that you’re asking questions but not getting answers for your outpatient rehab department, call Chart Links.  We can introduce you to a business intelligence solution that can provide answers for your toughest outpatient rehab questions.