Work Flow Software for the Outpatient Director of Rehabilitation

May 27, 2009 · Posted in Documentation, Workflow · Comment 

At an outpatient rehab facility, the work of a Director of Rehabilitation is never done. While information technology is only one piece of the puzzle – it’s critical for keeping team productivity high and providing insightful data that will support decision-making.

Rehabilitation work flow management software will automate processes like registration, referrals, scheduling, insurance authorizations, physician authorizations and charges.  It will offer comprehensive electronic documentation of evaluations, plans of care and progress notes.  It will interface seamlessly with other information systems to ensure the dependable and accurate flow of administrative, clinical and financial information.

What are the benefits of an outpatient rehab work flow management system?

  • compliance with therapy billing regulations
  • increased operational efficiency
  • a reduction in lost revenue
  • a potential increase in revenue

 Many outpatient rehab facilities still operate manually today, using paper charts to document care and route patients.  As the Obama Administration advocates for interoperability among healthcare providers, the time is right for Directors of Rehabilitation to take a look at work flow management software solutions designed with their needs in mind.  

For more information on work flow management systems for outpatient rehab, contact Chart Links.

HITECH: An Interoperetta in Three Acts

May 15, 2009 · Posted in Industry News · Comment 

Here’s a fun video to watch for anyone who appreciates all of the acronyms around healthcare information technology these days:  HITECH, An Interoperetta in Three Acts, written and performed by Ross D. Martin, MD. (Don’t miss the big ending!)


H1N1 (Swine Flu) Resource for Physical Therapists

May 12, 2009 · Posted in Industry News · Comment 

Are you a physical therapist looking for information on the swine flu?

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has launched a web page to educate PTs and PTAs on identifying swine flu symptoms.

Chart Links Automates Physician Authorization of Therapy Plans of Care at Carle Foundation Hospital

May 5, 2009 · Posted in Workflow · Comment 

Chart Links, a provider of rehabilitation workflow management software, announces the implementation of its physician authorization solution at Carle Foundation Hospital’s outpatient rehabilitation program which handles about 140,000 visits per year at 11 locations in east central Illinois. The solution eliminates the phone calls and faxing associated with authorizations by automating the process by which physicians approve therapist-generated plans of care for rehabilitative care.

Among other benefits, the solution

  • speeds continuity of care by automating responses to requests for authorization and eliminating the manual paper chase (printing, mailing, faxing, scanning, phone calls)
  • reduces billing delays by eliminating backlogs of unauthorized plans of care due to misplaced or overlooked paperwork that was mailed or faxed
  • offers referring physicians real-time access to therapy plan of care updates by consolidating past and present plans of care to the physician electronic medical record

Even though therapists and referring physicians at Carle both documented care electronically, the referral authorization process between the two systems required manual intervention with printing, sorting, bundling, sending, scanning and data input. The real-time interface creates efficiencies by eliminating the last bit of paper in Carle’s work flow and reducing phone calls to and from referring physicians. The solution also provides the physician with historical data related to the progress of a patient’s therapy.

“Plans of care can now be approved by physicians in minutes versus days,” says Stephanie Dotson, Supervisor of Therapy Services at Carle. “That expedites insurance authorizations and enables our office specialists to focus on revenue-generating activities for the one to two hours per day that were previously spent on the busy-work associated with plan of care certifications.”

Carle Therapy Services offers unique, specialty care across all settings- from acute care to outpatient therapy in multiple locations across east central Illinois. The staff is highly trained and has advanced certifications, focusing on developing an individualized treatment plans. Carle Therapy Services is owned and operated by The Carle Foundation, a not for-profit tertiary care facility, which is the regional Level I Trauma Center.  It also works closely Carle Clinic Association, one of the largest physician group practices in the United States.  Carle Clinic Association physicians practice in more than 50 medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties. 

For 15 years, Chart Links has developed rehabilitation software that automates workflow for referrals, insurance authorizations, cross-discipline scheduling, documentation, charges, and more. Chart Links allows medical rehabilitation facilities to be more efficient and to provide a higher quality of care by delivering results in the areas of compliance, outcomes, analytics and revenue.